At NAVSTAR Advisors we develop market insights that help businesses maximize their enterprise values; as our clients testify, investments in NAVSTAR engagements generate quick payback and strong ROI, while also helping clients to understand and mitigate business risks. 

Our consultancy’s name was inspired by the NAVSTAR system of orbiting satellites that provide precise and accurate navigational information to GPS systems. The acronym NAVSTAR stands for “NAVigation, Strategy, Tactics, And Relay”.  Similarly, we help management teams and board members understand where their businesses are and where they should be going, by assisting them with:


We help companies identify the markets and initiatives that are most likely to maximize EBITDA and the associated multiples, considering a broad range of factors (e.g., growth potential, associated risks, capital constraints, asset efficiency). We start with the hypotheses of all interested parties (e.g., from board members to sales reps) and use a mix of analytical and facilitation tools to develop fact-based and actionable recommendations that will earn buy-in, achieve results, and manage risks.


Once a company understands its target market, it must position itself to create as much value as possible for each relevant segment. The more homework we do to help you understand the market (via interviews, secondary research, and competitive analysis), the better the decisions you will make regarding how to apply your company’s resources.


We help clients chart their courses and "course correct" when necessary. We also provide boards with a dashboard that allows them to monitor progress against key objectives and highlight issues that seem to be pushing the company off course.

Companies that are well-positioned to meet customer needs can take a more sophisticated, painless, and effective approach to relaying their messages to the world. We help them understand how to do this while also providing supplementary sales tools.



We are proud of our ability to equip companies with the tools they need to understand where they are and where they should be going. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a conversation, during which we can discuss which efforts would generate the highest yield for your company.