The NAVSTAR Advisors mission is to provide a more effective and efficient version of the structured analysis conducted by top-tier consulting firms -- one that is well-aligned with the resource constraints of mid-market firms. Our approach is informed by our deep understanding of which business characteristics drive higher valuations in private and public markets. Clients testify that investments in NAVSTAR consistently generate high ROI:
“NAVSTAR Advisors proved invaluable in helping management and the board identify and evaluate the highest potential growth opportunities. The partner challenged our assumptions and focused on finding the right answer, not necessarily the answer she thought we wanted to hear.  We knew that the team's conclusions were solid, since they were based on well-executed and clearly communicated research. By providing this visibility, and helping us achieve our goal to double EBITDA within five years despite a severe recession, their work more than paid for itself.
– Donald L. Hawks III, President and Managing Director, Brookside Equity Partners
“NAVSTAR Advisors took a very well organized approach to research and decision-making that worked.  Their process generated important insight, clarified our priorities, and helped us to define and implement high-value growth strategy and cost reduction initiatives. NAVSTAR also kept us on task through first rate facilitation of our group meetings and pragmatic, action-oriented frameworks. At the implementation stage, NAVSTAR brought excellent coaching skills to a veteran, transaction oriented management team.  By helping us to get as much value as possible out of our assets and capabilities despite a strong headwind, and recognize the right time to sell one of our two operating units, our relationship with them paid for itself many times over.”  
– Steve Goldberg, Board Member and CFO/EVP of Operations, Manufacturing Company  

We are proud of our unique approach, which has been profiled by the Harvard Investment Magazine. (Please click here to request a copy.) Our process is:   
  • Rigorous. Through over two decades of analytical experience, our founder has become convinced that the most useful insight is gleaned through rigorous primary research. We have refined our approach to mining this gold vein and believe that our process more consistently yields important insight than any other one that we’ve used or reviewed. Secondary research provides the necessary context, and all facts that contribute to our conclusions are carefully sourced and qualified.  
  • Iterative. We would rather focus on adding as much value as possible to your business than on engaging in a check-the-box exercise. As we learn more about the relevant risks and opportunities, we align our focus to ensure that every research activity generates useful insight. Hence, our motto: “Analysis targeted at the point of maximum leverage”.
  • Validated. Individual engagements are typically with longstanding clients – or are sourced based on board-level referrals from existing clients. Clients appreciate that market interviews are only entrusted to seasoned professionals – and that secondary research is conducted by Harvard-trained Research Associates employing a proven process involving respected research databases.

Two illustrative case studies follow: